Overijse (Jezus-Eik) – “DOGGIEDOUCHE” 🐾🚿  

tel : 0497/17.47.24

THE DOGWASH WILL BE CLOSED FROM 01/11/2020 – the DOGWALKING and DOGSITTING services on appointement. 

Have a look at our webshop : https://doggiedouche.sumup.link


The chipcard won’t be refund. Thanks for your understanding !

Hygiene is very important to us ! That’s why we use “Wipe & Clean”, from http://www.agriton.be to clean everything in here ! These are natural products, based on microorganisms, those are good bacteria that prevent the bad ones to develop. 

You can also use, without any problem, this product on your dog after his bath. It deodorizes and gives a good skin flora. 

Available here for only 2€ !


No more chemical “Antitick-Collars”! Doggiedouche is offering Antitick-Collars for our heros on four paws.

The Antitick-Collar is HANDMADE out of EM-ceramicpipes.

The resonance vibration of EM-ceramic is very aggravating for ticks as well as flees and other parasites. In order to that it helps to prevent from ticks and Co..

Like with any other “Antitick-Product” we can not guarantee you a 100% protection of ticks but with EM-ceramic you choose a 100% natural and organic product which is free of any side-effects  ! The dog needs to wear it all the time, and you will see a difference after a few days. 

You can clean the collar with clear water every two weeks, and let it dry in the sun. It will reactivate the pipes. The collars last forever. 


XS (25-27 cm)              5€
S (28-35cm)                 7€
M (36-40cm)                9€
L (42-46)cm)                11€
XL (47-52cm)               13€
XXL (53-60cm)             15€

I can walk with your dog on a leash during the week in your neighborhood 30 min 15€ or 1h 20€.



Graaf J. de Meeusstraat, 12

3090 Overijse

(Parking Basicfit)

Email: anita@doggiedouche.be

Tel : 0497/17.47.24


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